The ERIE FC Travel Program is the natural progression for players exiting the Youth Academy phase and want to continue their soccer journey. Your player is provided with a higher-level of coaching, preparation, and competition than what is provided in the ERSC non-travel program.

U9 – U10

ERIE FC “Youth” Academy

An academy format is primarily an in-house developmental concept for players. The goal is to develop highly skilled and competent individual players that can experience the game emphasizing the “process of becoming a player” in an age-appropriate environment. After graduating out of the ERIE FC “Gunners” program players have the option to move in two directions:

1.) Move into our in-house “ERSC” recreational program – and experience soccer in a casual training environment, or

2.) Be better prepared to eventually fill competitive “classic” teams at U-11 and above age level as the team concept becomes a more appropriate emphasis for skilled players.

Academy programs aid in player retention and individual player development as opposed to the “team forming” model that excludes players too early who are not considered talented enough to add to a team roster. Academy formats are appropriate for young soccer players’ development since the focus is on player improvement vs. team improvement or accomplishment. Academy formats do not have the short-term goal of winning a game at ages U-10 and below. In this format, the role of the soccer associations, clubs, and youth coaches is to develop players first. Then at U-11 and above start to incorporate the technically gifted and sound players into set teams that can compete and win with increased skills and flair. The premise of academy training is that “player development” is what is in the best interest of young players. It is at this young age that a player needs to learn the skill sets to ultimately play soccer at a higher level. The Academy format offers this special vehicle.


  • 10 Month program
  • 7v7 playing format
  • Two outdoor practices in the Fall and Spring
  • PA West Academy games on Saturdays during the Fall and Spring
  • Possible Fall Tournament
  • Possible Spring Tournament
  • Winter Training: TBD
  • Winter games: TBD
  • Fluid team rosters Black/Red will be created for games and tournament scheduling purposes, but they are flexible where players can move between teams to fill-in when conflicts arise.

U12 – U18


Premier players follow an intricately designed curriculum aimed to prepare them for advancement to the elite levels of play. This curriculum includes: building their soccer IQ’s, technical proficiency, mental and physical conditioning. Our Player Development Coaches are adept at keeping players motivated and maintaining healthy interactions with their teammates while maintaining the balance between productivity and enjoyment. The Premier Program requires a yearly commitment and offers a higher time and financial commitment than the ERSC non-travel program.


Our Premier teams compete in local, statewide, and regional league offerings with aims of participating in the PA West State Cup and/or US Club Soccer Western PA/NY State Cup.


ERIE FC Red is the first stage of “travel” club soccer. Travel is not as extensive and time consuming as “Premier” soccer, as it is typically limited and shorter distances of travel. The goal of ERIE FC Red is to provide an environment in which the level of competition, commitment, and player development falls between that of the recreation and premier levels. This program is geared towards the players that have played recreational soccer for some time – and want to “jump to the next level”, in order to prepare for grade school, middle school or high school soccer. All Red-level coaches are paid, experienced, licensed club soccer coaches and have a responsibility to develop the soccer skills and team play of their players. It also prepares players that are ready to commit to the Premier level and need to refine their skills and general tactics.


With two training sessions per week, Red Level players will rapidly increase their skills and abilities. Red teams participate in the PA West Soccer Association sponsored leagues. Based on age and level, teams typically compete in 1-3 tournaments annually.