u5 – u8

Soccer begins with the Gunners program for players U5, U6, U7, U8. Gunners will serve as an effective bridge into our competitive teams. Our professional staff will provide age-appropriate technical instruction in a training environment featuring exciting games and skill activities.

Typically, Gunners is for players that excel at the recreational level and desire an additional environment that is more competitive with advanced coaching. It is however, open to all players. Players will be divided into training groups based on age, skill level, and soccer experience. Training focuses on the development of individual player skills, which is necessary for success once players move into the competitive team environment at U9 and beyond.

The program follows the school year calendar, with a new season beginning each Fall (typically the last week of August).

ERIE FC Pre-Academy



“The most dramatic change from the U-10 age group is the player’s increased ability to stay focused and to begin taking responsibility for their decisions on the field. At the same time, this is still an eleven- or twelve-year old. As far as positions are concerned, players should learn the game based on the principles of the game rather than positions on the field. Player’s decisions on the field should be based on what makes sense to them. If children are placed into the straitjacket of positional play too early, it will only destroy their instincts to be involved in the game.” – US Soccer: Best Practices for Coaching Soccer in the United States