Gunners Registration

U5 – U8 Players

2019 – 2016 Birth Years

ERIE FC Gunners has open enrollment. Players may join or cancel at any time. Please follow the registration steps outlined below. Players must complete the registration process each season, even if you are a returning player.

2023/2024 Season

This registration is for the school year program (August – May). There is a separate registration for the summer program (June – August).

Step 1: Register Online & Create Billing Account

All players are required to register online through GotSport and create a billing account for the player dues. You will have the option to choose Monthly Installments or Pay in Full.

Please be prepared with the following items to register within GotSport.

Credit Card Information

In order to set up your billing account, a valid credit or debit card must be used. Checks are not accepted.

Medical Insurance Information

Have a copy of your insurance information ready, as that will be required in the medical and emergency contact section.

Player Birth Certificate

New for the 2023/2024 season, all players (returning or new) will be required to upload their birth certificate (or valid passport) into the GotSport system. Once saved you will not be required to upload it on future registrations; it is a one-time upload.


Step 2: Complete Practice Selection Form

Submit your practice selection for the upcoming season. You can always change this later by contacting the ERIE FC Gunners Director.


Step 3: Order Uniforms

Uniforms are purchased via the ERIE FC Team Store. The Gunners uniform consists of two jerseys (black and red), one short (black), and one sock (black).

The jerseys and shorts require a number. Gunners players may select any number they wish (duplicates with another player doesn’t matter). Please enter the same number for all three items.

At the bottom of each item, make sure you change the quantity from 0 to 1 (or more if you would like more of any item).