Club Teams Registration

Erie FC Black & Red Teams

All players for ERIE FC must have been offered a roster spot prior to registration. If you did not receive an acceptance email, please contact the ERIE FC Directors. Players must complete the registration process each season, even if you are a returning player.

2024/2025 Season

Required Items to Register

All players are required to register online through GotSport and create a billing account. The billing account will be used to pay registration fees, player tuition, and event / tournament fees as outlined in the player tuition documents.

Please be prepared with the following items to register within GotSport.

Credit Card Information

In order to set up your billing account, a valid credit or debit card must be used. Checks are not accepted.

Medical Insurance Information

Have a copy of your insurance information ready, as that will be required in the medical and emergency contact section.

Player Birth Certificate

All players are required to upload their birth certificate (or valid passport) into the GotSport system. Once saved you will not be required to upload it on future registrations; it is a one-time upload.

Player Headshot Photo

All players (returning or new) will be required to upload their player photo into the GotSport system. A new photo will be required each year per national and state association requests. Please update your child’s photo even if you played the previous season.

Register Online & Create Billing Account

The initial registration fee will be charged immediately. You will have the option to choose Monthly Installments or Pay in Full.

If you missed evaluations and are looking to join mid-season, please contact our ERIE FC Directors.